About Me

About Me: I’m a Reality TV Junky

Anyone who has a true passion for something usually can pinpoint when that started for him or her. For me, it began when I was a young boy, watching the sole black and white TV in our house, complete with rabbit ears for reception control and a mere three or four channels. My Dad worked long hours and my Mom discovered frozen TV dinners. I used to love eating those things, sitting by the television. My favorite show was called “Candid Camera.” The show would secretly film people’s reactions to something funny or outrageous. I was entranced and loved this show for the element of surprise and the humor.

The writers and producers of that show certainly came up with funny and creative ideas, and I understood this even though I was so young.

As the years past, some shows came and went. I found myself watching some game shows during my teen years like The Dating Game or the Newlywed Game, mostly because my sister forced me! They were sort of like reality TV, since you never really knew what surprising answers the spouse might come up with.

When I was in high school, we finally got cable television in our house. Wow, did that open up the world to me. I remember sitting in our dark paneled living room with the red shag carpet as MTV first came on the air. My siblings and I gathered around the TV and watched the very first music video shown in America: “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles. It was so cool to see the faces of the musicians that sang the songs. Other than album covers and if I was lucky to afford to go to a live concert, the voices behind the music weren’t always visible. MTV changed that for me. I loved watching artists perform their songs while I watched, the styles, the dancing. It was an amazing time. Over the years, MTV slowly morphed into less music and more reality TV shows, especially after the debut of “The Real World.” I will admit, I was a total Real World junkie. I was hooked on the concept of young people,

like myself being filmed together in a cool house, in an exciting city and watch the relationships develop, falter and come back around. It was like looking into a microcosm of young adulthood. I could relate to these people, and I enjoyed every season.

As I became older, my tastes changed from shows aimed at young people to more exciting competition style shows. One of my favorites was Survivor. Placing people in exotic places and they had to survive together or through alliances fascinated me. It was another look into our humanness, both the proud parts and the not so great parts about a person. My tastes continue to evolve and change to this day, and I’m now a father and a husband. I don’t watch the same types of reality shows from my youth, but I do watch things that I’m interested in today like baking, cooking and survival shows.  I suppose a part of me enjoys these shows because I can live vicariously through relatable people. People like me.

Grab a cool brew and stay awhile. Look through my blog, as I love to share my passion for production and reality television. I know I’m not the only reality TV addict out there, right? Okay, you don’t have to answer that!